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Thanks for visiting our website, We are a dedicated family and lovers of Pure Breed Siberian Husky

We pride ourselves on providing loving homes and individuals with healthy,  Cute Husky Puppies For Sale. We take pride in providing efficient and personal service, honesty and reliability.

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Our History

Pure Siberian Husky is a service committed to helping responsible breeders place their puppies with caring individuals and families in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Dallas, and across the U.S. But, more than just a service, Pure Siberian Husky is a community of dog lovers whose mission is to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes. The Pure Siberian Husky brand, with puppies at the center, is rooted in the belief that dogs should be celebrated, and owners deserve to experience trust, confidence and transparency when searching for their new companions

We enjoy matching each family with the perfect boxer  Puppies For Sale that will bring many years of fun and companionship. We have been raising boxer puppies for the past 16 years now. Our “Siberian Husky babies” are raised in our home with our family, and they are well-socialized with very good temperaments. Our home is climate controlled and sanitized twice daily. We have hand selected each parent for the best health and genetics with an awesome pedigree. Our puppies are healthy, vet checked and comes with a health guarantee for one year. They are some of the best Husky puppies you will find anywhere.

We encourage you to Email us any time for any questions before and after buying your Husky puppy.

We love our Husky babies and will only let them go with people that know and understand the needs of the boxer breed and how special the boxer breed is.

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Here are a few useful Husky facts 

  1. Siberian Huskies shed a lot. I have dog hair all over the house all the time. After I vacuum the floor, fur starts to accumulate as soon as the dogs come in. I also brush them regularly, but constant fur is now an integral part of my life.
  2. Siberian Huskies make poor guard dogs. Siberian Huskies may look like wolves but they have the heart of Casanova. Some people are afraid of my Husky because they think she is a wolf hybrid. However, once they meet her, they quickly know her true nature and are happy to give her tummy rubs in exchange for licks.
  3. Siberian Huskies are independent dogs. My Husky, Shania has an awesome personality that is only enhanced by her intelligence and ability to think for herself. However, this means that I don’t let her off leash because she will be off chasing a deer before I can shout STOP. And even if I shout stop, she will be too busy chasing the deer to listen. Siberian Huskies are not a “Yes Sir, No Sir“, type of dog.
  4. Siberian Huskies are extremely athletic and energetic. Husky Shania is a 3 legged dog and she is still a crazy Energizer Bunny. I walk her every day for at least 2 hours, in rain, shine, or sleet. Ok there is no sleet here, but there is still lots of walking. At the end of the day, my Husky still has vast amounts of energy and quickly tires out my other dog (a Shiba Inu).

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself,
Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail."

What Our Happy Clients are Saying


Hello Brain, I wanted to let you guys know that Milo is doing great! She’s now known as “Cali”. She’s really the best puppy, very smart, and well behaved. I have never known such a nice puppy! You can really tell that she’s been well socialized and is healthy. Thanks again for making this such a great experience. We’ll definitely be back for more Husky puppies ; we’ve caught the bug, so to speak! I’ll send some pictures when she’s a little bigger..

Mr and Mrs Cedrick

I bought a puppy from Brain Siberian Husky Healthy Puppies in June and picked her up in August 2018. I was extremely satisfied and grateful for all of their cooperation Brain Husky Healthy Puppies was willing to work with me on the price and even brought her halfway so that i could bring her home without a 6 hr drive. I am very happy with my new baby and will recommend Brain Husky Healthy Puppies to anyone looking for a Boxer Puppies

Gemma and Pete

We just love our little Honey. She is the cutest, most affectionate loving little dog. We are very pleased to have found your services for your adorable little puppies and will gladly recommend you to friends. Honey has made herself at home with the family and her new counterpart “Bandit”.It’s so funny to watch them play together. It took him about some few days and now I can’t keep them apart. Again, thank you for our little “Honey”. I am saving your website as I often visit it to look at your new puppies.

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